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Limousine/Chauffeur service

Reliably and punctually is how our drivers get you to your flight or appointment.

Airport shuttle

Airport transfer: At every time of the day or night and no problem with parking!
We take you to Frankfurt airport and pick you up on your return.


You need an S-class, a van or our entire fleet of vehicles?
Our drivers are at your disposal for the entire duration of your event.

Dinner drives

The perfect evening: No need to search for a parking space; no need to keep an eye on what you drink;
no stress. Enjoy a relaxing evening with your loved one or with business partners.

Wedding service

For the ONE, UNFORGETTABLE day in your life:
Be chauffeur-driven to the church or registry office in an S-class car Combined with our event service, not
only do the bride and groom get to the church on time, but we make sure your guests get home safely too!


Got a day off in Frankfurt? Visitors from abroad? No problem. Our sightseeing drives take you to select
locations or to the locations of your choice. For example:
  • Rheingau
  • Rothenburg on the Tauber River
  • Bavarian Untermain region / wine-tasting
  • Trier
  • Cologne

Courier service

We operate a PAN-EUROPEAN courier service. Talk to us!

Hospital pick-up service

Well looked after by our sympathetic drivers, we can handle transactions with your health insurer with
respect to drives to hospital or for dialysis treatment and bring you safely back home again.